Meet our director

Annette Cantrell Martin

Annette Cantrell Martin has been with Anderson Senior Follies since the first production and has been the heartbeat of the group from the beginning.

Each year with her boundless energy and enthusiasm, she is responsible for writing, recording, arranging, choreographing, and casting, as well as overseeing the costumes, set design and backdrops and playing in the follies band. Through Annette, an original show is written each year. She will quickly tell you though that every part of Senior Follies is a group effort and credit for the Follies' success comes from the efforts of everyone involved.

Annette says that she "directs people, not a show." The personal interaction and compassion she feels for every single cast member brings warmth and energy to the stage that shines through the entire performance hall when the productions are enjoyed by thousands of adoring fans.

For Annette, Senior Follies is a passion where seniors get to "live it up" on stage, and celebrate life with a lot of fun and laughter. Everyone involved develops strong friendships. Family values are incorporated in everything from rehearsals to the end production. "God has blessed the Follies incredibly and to Him we give all the glory."

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